What Makes Ningxia Wines Special


Posted On: December 02, 2013
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Dec 02, 2013

Located in the center of China, the Ningxia region is home to the Helan Mountains. The rich varietal wine grapes grown at the base of these mountains have attracted the interest of wine enthusiasts around the world.

Situated at 38 degrees north latitude, the Helan Mountain Range in Ningxia shares the same latitude as the fine wine-producing region of Napa Valley, Calif. The region offers low humidity, strong westerly winds, and intense sunshine, which result in a product with high natural sugars and fruit content.

The area has quickly gained an international reputation for producing fine-tasting wines. As a result, Chinese authorities have given approval to the development of the eastern base of the Helan Mountains in Ningxia as a wine production region.

Ningxia has taken the lead recently as the premier wine-producing region in China, thanks in part to the success of wines like Dragon’s Hollow and the award-winning Jai Bei Lan, also available from China Fine Wines.

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